Your easy 3-step process to a successful house removal with Redcliffe Removals

1. Planning – a free survey, consultation and quotation

Redcliffe Removals will arrange with you to make a free no obligation survey of your property and belongings.

This meeting allows Redcliffe Removals to review your exact requirements for house removal. It includes identifying what is staying and going, what furniture will need dismantling/reassembling, foresee any problems and offer you advice and tips on making your move as smooth as possible.

Following this consultation you’ll receive a written quotation and confirmation of your requirements.


2. Preparation and Packing

For many people just the thought of packing all their possessions is a daunting prospect. It is fair to say it isn’t something you do very often, but it is something we do everyday!!

If you are happy to carry out packing yourself we can still supply you with industry standard packing materials. Redcliffe Removals offer as much or as little help as you need to help you pack and help prevent any breakages.

They are also able to expertly and swiftly pack for you. This can be your complete household or merely those difficult or fragile items, the choice is yours.

3. Loading, Transport and Unpacking
On the day, Redcliffe Removals will take time and care to protect your belongings at the old property and new property.

If necessary they can arrange for an electrician to come and take down your lights and disconnect your cooker.

This is all part of the professional removal service and the attention to detail required to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Call (01275) 848181(01275) 852424 / (01454) 281227 or email today for a FREE, without obligation, quotation or to discuss any aspect of your move.

We have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

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